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 What is an Appraisal ?

 What do appraisals cost ?

 What information sources are used for appraisals ?

 What types of properties do we appraise ?

 Who supplies zoning information ?       

 Where does market information come from ?

 Where does sales information come from ?                     

 How are adjustments made ?

 Why do we verify / confirm our information ?

 Who provides maps for appraisals ?

 How do you find ownership ?

 How do you find building sketches ?

 Building Areas / Land Areas (Gross vs. Net)

 What are mineral rights ?

 What are water rights ?

 What are deed restrictions ?

 What is a Land Patent ?

 What is a Short Sale ?

 What is an Assemblage ?

 What is a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) ?

 How do Financing Terms Affect Value ?

 Can I Enhance Value via a Zoning Change?

 Las Vegas Strip market

 Las Vegas Residential market

 Las Vegas Office market

 Las Vegas Industrial market

 Las Vegas Retail market

 Las Vegas Shopping Center market

 Las Vegas Apartment market

 Las Vegas Land market

 Las Vegas High-rise Condominium market

 Las Vegas Hotel / Motel market

 Las Vegas Elderly / Senior Care market

 Las Vegas Gaming / Casino market

 Las Vegas Commercial market

 Las Vegas Mobile Home Park market

 Las Vegas / Clark County Demographics         

 Title - Fee, Leased-Fee, Leasehold Estates

 Life Estate

 Nye County real estate market

 Pahrump real estate market

 Mesquite real estate market

 Laughlin real estate market

 Jean, Sandy Valley, Searchlight, Cal-Nev-Ari markets





 Interest Rates      

 Capitalization Rates

 Mortgage Loan Calculators

 Approaches to Value

 Scope of Work



 Special Purpose Property

 Extraordinary Assumption

 Hypothetical Condition

 Mixed-use Development (MUD)

 Appraisal Review

 Gross Income Multiplier (GIM)

 Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)


 Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

 Building-to-Land Ratio

 Detrimental Conditions

 Depreciation (Physical, Functional, External)


 Real Estate Cycles

 Investment Value

 Insurable Value

 Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amort.

 Circuitry of Travel

 Business Loss

 Trade Fixtures / Business Assets

 Market Participants

 Band of Investment Technique

 American Society of Appraisers


 Economic Principals in Appraisals

 Influences on Value 

 Operating Expenses

 Allocation Method

 Liquidation Value


 U.S. Geological Survey / USGS Flood Maps

 Lease Rates / Rental Rates

 Vacancy Rate / Occupancy Rate

 Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF)

 Direct Capitalization vs. Yield Capitalization

 Soils Maps

 Net Operating Income (NOI)

 Net Present Value (NPV)

 Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

 Other Return Rates

 Vacancy & Collection Loss

 Supply and Demand

 Errors & Omissions Insurance

 Land Use Plan

 Pad / Pad Site

 Cash Equivalent Sale

 Zoning / Approved Zoning

 Property Economics Profession

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