Confidential nature of appraisal reports


Appraisers are required under Uniform Standards of Professional Practice (USPAP) rules to "not disclose confidential information or assignment results prepared for a client to anyone other than the client and persons specifically authorized by the client."  Thus, only written client authorization can release the appraisal, its results and / or any confidential information within the report.


Factual information within the report, like details about comparable sales, is not confidential.  Descriptions of the Las Vegas economy and descriptions of the market area are also factual and not confidential.  This information can be disclosed or used again without a release.


Accepting a new assignment on the same property, or a property located nearby, that would not require that any confidential information regarding the prior report be disclosed is not a problem the an appraiser.  Re-direction, re-certification or re-addressing an appraisal report for use by any other parties (other than the original client)  has, however, been deemed improper.


Thus, no public or private entity has any right to the appraisal report and no information is conveyed to anyone beyond the client.  The only exception to confidentiality being that if the information is demanded by the Court the appraisal can be released.  This exception is addressed in USPAP as the Jurisdictional Exception Rule.


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