Expert Witness Testimony 


Appraisers are often asked act as an expert witnesses in a wide array of forums including; litigation / court cases, re-zoning presentations and tax hearings.  At times the credibility and credentials of an appraiser are attacked.  The report prepared for a client often come under close scrutiny and is attacked.


Appraisers generally are hired to express a value opinion, and their position in most instances is that of an unbiased third-party analyst defending their appraisal report and the opinion that it concludes.  While it is always important to produce well-prepared appraisal and consulting reports, it is especially critical when they are bound for the bound for the deep waters of courtroom controversy.       


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Preparation and experience are recognized as being important factors that influence the outcome of appraisers in hearings, presentations, depositions and trials.  Appraisers with many years of experience in a market area are, in our opinion, usually best suited to weather the storms that erupt in depositions and during cross-examination.  The depth of an expert's knowledge surfaces quickly in most forums, even when their answers are short and concise.


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