Our e-Tech Tools


Data collection, data analysis and report writing are all appraisal areas enhance by the use of the Internet and computers.  We access a number of computerized databases that provide listing and sales information related to both the residential and the commercial real estate markets.  Today we can digitally search through thousands of properties to find listings, pending sales and sales that are similar to the subject property.  The same searches that take minutes to complete today used to take hours or days to complete in the past.  


We can deliver our residential form reports and our commercial narrative appraisal reports in Adobe Postscript Description File / Adobe Portable Document File (.PDF) format to our clients upon request.  The reports are digitally signed, and a client can make copies for the specific use intended as noted within the report.    


We also utilize the latest in 8 to 10 mega-pixel digital cameras, Internet enabled telephones, digital measuring devices and portable computers.


We have collected thousands of digital photographs of commercial properties located in metropolitan Las Vegas.  We have copies of news articles, brokerage studies, economic presentations and past appraisals completed over the last several years including databases of leasing information and comparable sales.


We subscribe to RSS feeds regarding properties offered for sale, planned projects, properties in escrow and recent properties sold.


Contact us with your questions or concerns regarding our technology or regarding your specific appraisal assignment in Nevada at 1-702-568-6699.  We can also be e-mailed at grigdon@cox.net.   



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