Laughlin Real Estate Market


Laughlin is uniquely located at the eastern Nevada - Arizona state boundary near the southeastern tip of Nevada off of State Highway 163 just west of the Colorado River and US-95 that passes through Bullhead City.  Bullhead City, Arizona is located on the opposite side of the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada.     


Laughlin is located about 90 miles southeast of Las Vegas, and thus there are only minor influences on the area from metropolitan Las Vegas.      


Important to the City of Laughlin and its real estate market are; its gaming (mostly Colorado River front) and the areas of its many master planned housing developments.  An expanding residential base was noted up until the recession of 2008, which slowed residential development to almost a stand still.


Laughlin is known for it's River front Casinos, Colorado River boating and water sports, schools and its small town atmosphere.  Since the town, the surrounding area and the market area itself are relatively small, the town relys heavily on the health of its employment base.  Laughlin also benefits from the proximate location of Bullhead City, Arizona, its Airport and its many master planned residential communities.  The real estate market, like most others in 2009, is feeling the negative effects of the depressed economy.  


With housing prices falling dramatically in the Laughlin area in response to the lack of demand and tight credit, the area may fare well in the future given its appeal to baby boomers and retirees.  



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