How do you find building sketches ?


Some building sketches are available via the Clark County Openweb Informapper Internet site under "Assessor's Information."  Most buildings have been measured and sketched by the Clark County Assessor's office, and if a sketch is not found to be available online, a registered appraiser can request, and pay for, a copy of the Assessor's sketch that will be provided via fax. 


Appraisers are responsible for the accuracy of their reports, and buildings are typically measured by appraisers during one of their inspection visits.  


New buildings often have plans available with measurements, but again many appraiser measured buildings are found to have different dimensions than those noted in the plans. 


Appraisers generally measure the Gross Building Area (GBA), which is the building measurement area calculation taken from the outside walls.  The gross and net areas available for lease are also areas important to the appraiser in the appraisal report.  


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