Who Supplies Zoning Information ?


Zoning information is supplied to many Nevada appraisers by the governmental authority in charge of zoning within the jurisdiction into which the subject property falls.  Thus, zoning information on properties that fall within the City of Henderson is provided by the City of Henderson.  In Clark County most of governmental authorities / municipalities have provided their zoning maps to the County and the maps are displayed within the Clark County Openweb Informapper Internet site.  


Details regarding the zoning district into which a specific property falls is generally available via the governmental authority's Internet site.  As an example, the City of Henderson provides its zoning information, the Henderson Municipal Code, on its Internet site.  Thus, allowed uses and additional detail relating to a property that falls within the CC, Community Commercial District of the City of Henderson's Title 19 Development Code is made available to the public without a visit to the City.  


< City of Henderson Zoning Map (Parcel Detail)  


 At times, property is zoned for one use but approved for a different use      

 subject to conditions.  A Resolution of Intent (ROI) to change the zoning 

 from one category to another is usually indicated.  ROI's are generally 

 provided for a limited time period, and if the property is not developed it 

 reverts to its earlier zoning category.  These properties are not "hard zoned" 

 for the approved use.  Appraisers consider a property's highest and best 

 use, and approved zoning may be the basis for a higher value conclusion.    



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