Outdoor Advertising Sign / Billboard Appraisals


Signs, especially those that display advertising to the public (off-premise), can be quite valuable depending on their size and location.  In fact, many government and utility companies that condemn properties are now offering to relocate signs rather than pay for the loss of the income stream that is caused by their removal.


Billboards signs in Nevada often have 2 to 4 "faces" and each face can generate hundreds to thousands of dollars each month depending on its location, facing direction and traffic count.


Some signs cannot be replaced . . or the location of a possible replacement site may cause a significant loss of income to the sign company and the sign site owner.  It is important to have an outdoor advertising sign / billboard appraisal completed by a qualified and experienced appraiser when takings of this type occur.


Outdoor advertising signs can take up small areas like 100 square feet or less of land yet they can generate hundreds to thousands of dollars of income to the sign company each month.  Thus, the taking of billboard sites and the removal of the billboard can have a significant impact on its owner and the sign company.


Outdoor Advertising Sign / Billboard appraisal is a specialized area within the appraisal profession.  Very few appraisers have had experience appraising outdoor advertising signs / billboards.  Horizon Village Appraisal has worked for both sign owners clients and government clients in this specialized area.  


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