Business Loss


Business losses are claimed to be a non-compensable damage when related to condemnation / eminent domain in many states.  In Nevada, however, you may be able to gain compensation for some business losses.  It is important to contact an attorney who specializes in the condemnation area if you are affected by changes of this type.


Business losses can be relatively minor when a single parking space is lost or when a minor change to accessibility is made.  When a curb cut, a roadway widening or significant taking is made from a site, it is possible that the original site can suffer a significant negative impact.  Appraisers are often contracted to assess the affect that a taking has on an existing site and its business operations, if any, when condemnations occur.  It is important to employ an appraiser who has experience in real property appraisal and business appraisal in these instances.        


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