Las Vegas Elderly Care Market


Statistics indicate that Nevada has one of the fastest growing elderly populations in the United States.  Thus, there always seems to be new facilities under construction in this sector of the market.


Elderly care is provided to the public via home health agencies, group homes, assisted living facilities and long-term care (LTC) facilities (see for facility lists and related details).  Also specific to the elderly care market are senior-only, usually age 55+, apartments and communities.  As appraisers in the Las Vegas metro area, we have completed reports on group homes, assisted-living centers, 55+ apartment complexes and on long-term care facilities.  Operational group homes and LTC facilities usually must be valued based on their going-concern since it is not possible to separate the building assets from the business entity. 


Appraising elderly care projects is specialized research in a relatively small segment of the overall market.  The supply and demand for elderly care services is a difficult one to gage, and considerable research and analyses are required to conclude a value opinion in this area.  


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