Las Vegas Mobile Home Park Market


Mobile home parks are becoming more difficult to create in metropolitan Las Vegas due in large part to zoning restrictions.  With the cost of land increasing dramatically over time, it is also more difficult to make a mobile home park economically feasible.


Over time, mobile homes have transitioned from small trailers to large single and double wide homes to "manufactured" homes with an increased quality of constructions.  Mobile home parks have also transitioned from parks with narrow spaces to parks that appear to be similar to subdivisions created for traditionally constructed wood-frame homes.  


Since zoning and costs have squeezed the mobile home park market, existing parks have benefited from the shortage of available spaces and prices have risen for parks.  Some areas of Las Vegas have started to approve tracts for mobile home park development, while others have resisted this "backward" movement.      


The appraisal of mobile home parks usually requires access to specialized data sources.  Location, size, infrastructure improvements, age, occupancy, amenities, management and space rental rates are all important factors that are considered in the valuation of a mobile home park.  


Since mobile home parks have evolved over time, many parks are not similar to other parks.  Parks that cannot accommodate 12' X 60' mobile homes are not comparable to parks that cannot.  Those that can accommodate double-wide mobile homes are usually not comparable to parks that accept only single-wide mobile homes.  Thus, there is a great deal of variability regarding parks and appraisers who lack experience in this area can find that their comparisons are faulty.


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