Golf Course Appraisals


Golf courses are both private and public, and their construction is often undertaken to add value to the surrounding golf frontage lots and not to guarantee their profitable operation.  Golf courses are appraised as "going-concerns" with consideration being given for their membership fees, player fees, equipment sales and miscellaneous income.  


Golf course appraisals take into account basic economic principals and appraisal methodologies including; supply and demand for golf play, market statistics and the feasibility of a profitable golf course, replacement costs including furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF & E), income generation and comparable golf course sales information.  Subject and comparable golf course revenues and operational expense ratios are investigated and compared in a golf course appraisal assignment.


Generally, few golf course sales are transacted in any given year in a moderate sized city, and comparable sales may be investigated over a wide geographic area.  


A golf course appraisal article has been posted to Appraisal Articles ( ) if you are interested in additional information on the golf course appraisal process. 


Golf course appraisals are another area that is a specialized area within the appraisal profession.  Few appraisers have had experience appraising golf courses.  Horizon Village Appraisal has worked in multiple states for a number of golf course owners in this specialized area.  In Las Vegas, Nevada we appraised the Southern Highland Golf & Country Club.  Contact us with your questions or concerns regarding golf course appraisal assignments in Nevada at 1-702-568-6699. 






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