Building Areas / Land Areas


Appraisers generally measure the Gross Building Area (GBA), which is the area calculated by taking exterior building  measurement, or by taking measurements from the outside building walls.


Rentable Building Area (RBA) is a brokerage term used by some to describe the usable area and the "associated share of the common areas" or the area rents are typically based on.


Gross Leaseable Area (GLA) is the floor area available to tenants for their occupancy and exclusive use.  


Gross Living Area (GLA) is the total, above-grade finished residential area in a building improvement.  Like Gross Building Area, this area is defined as being taken from exterior building measurements and includes only the habitable area.  Thus, stairways, attics, basements and porches are not included in the GLA. 


Gross Acre usually means an area of forty-three thousand five hundred and sixty (43,560) square feet.  "Gross Acreage" typically includes the total area within the property lines of a lot or acreage parcel before the taking of public streets, flood control channels or any other areas to be dedicated or reserved for a public use.  


Net Acre usually means an area of forty-three thousand five hundred and sixty (43,560) square feet less exclusions taken for deeded public streets, alleys, flood control channels or basins, or any other deeded area.  A Net Acre can also be reduced in size due to roadway dedications or other easements or rights-of-way that do not allow development.  "Net Acreage" typically excludes deeded areas and areas dedicated or reserved for a public use.


Comparisons using gross acreage are typically best when comparing undeveloped parcels in rural areas that are unaffected by roadways and other major improvements.  The comparison of lots, that have all of their roadway and utility easements made are best compared using a net acreage comparison.  Parcels that do not fit into either category are compared using a "modified gross acreage" comparison.  Using this definition, parcels with partial roadway / utility easement dedications are grouped and compared in an appraisal report.    


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