Nye County Real Estate Market


Nye County is sparsely populated with only about 41,000 residents within its 18,147 square mile area or about 2.26 individuals per square mile.  The median price of a homes in Nye County was reported at $ 251,156 in 2005, prices have declined since then.    


Typical of rural areas, homes in Nye County, Nevada are typically sold with relatively large sites of 0.5 Acres or more.  Most homes in Nye County were built after 1980 and only a few percent of all homes were constructed before 1950.  The median household income in 2005 was reported to be about $ 40,000.


The Nye County website provides detail regarding the area, courts, planning documents, taxation information and veteran services.  Many properties located in Nye County are listed with agents located in Clark County, so some data on the market is available on Clark County property databases.  Some Nye County based real estate agent Internet sites are also very helpful regarding listing and sales information. 


The Nye County real estate market is located far enough away from metropolitan Las Vegas so that the larger market has only a minor influences on it.  The "recession of 2008" has, however, negatively affected Nye County in much the same way that the larger Las Vegas market has being affected.


Having completed many appraisal assignments in Nye County on land, industrial and commercial properties we believe that we are familiar with the specific; land use plans, zoning,  soils, water rights issues, lease rates, sale prices and general supply and demand considerations to complete assignments there.  


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