How Do Appraisers Find Ownership Information ?


The ownership of each property located in Clark County can be displayed via a parcel number, owner name or address or by cross street reference search using the Clark County Openweb Informapper Internet site.  While some small portion of the ownership information displayed by the County may not be accurate, due to foreclosure, recent conveyances or for another reason, a relatively high percentage of the ownership information is correct and it is generally relied upon by appraisers.  Real property buyers should not, however, rely on this data source for ownership information.  A recent title report reviewed by an attorney, when combined with a title insurance policy, is your best guarantee.


The Clark County Openweb Infomapper site also provides online Deeds and Affidavits of Sale.  This information is often valuable when trying to track down principals involved in a transaction since names and addresses are provided.


Many corporations own property in Nevada, and corporate owners can be further tracked via the Nevada Secretary of State Internet site using a Business Entity search. 


Thus, finding property owners in Clark County, Nevada is relatively straight forward.  Assessor Parcel Records, Ownership Histories, online Deeds, Treasurer's sheets and related property information provides appraisers with information that is reliable.  


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