Las Vegas Shopping Center Market


The Las Vegas shopping center market has also remained relatively strong given the slow market conditions that are being experienced in the "recession of 2008."  Shopping centers, including neighborhood centers, community centers, regional centers and power centers, have all fared will in the last few years together with "stand-alone" retail buildings.  


While shopping center sales prices are off from their 2006 highs, our market sources have indicated that shopping center properties currently have a relatively strong occupancy, and an overall vacancy rate of about 6.0%, which was the consensus opinion among local brokerage firms.  Importantly, shopping center / retail rental rates are on the increase.  While the economic slow down has negatively affected the residential market the retail market segment appears to have remained relatively strong.  


Expectations for Las Vegas and its short-term future are consistent with the recent past.  The slow market conditions that are being experienced in mid-2008 will likely continue until upward changes / increases in employment begin to influence the market.  Las Vegas is anticipating large employment gains due in part to the opening of the six (6) high-rise towers, casino and 4,000 room hotel that will have cost approximate $ 9.0 Billion dollars at the MGM Mirage CityCenter on the Las Vegas Strip just south of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino.  Early reports indicated that 12,000 new permanent jobs would be created by this project which now has a "late 2009" expected opening date.     


The long-term prospects for the Las Vegas shopping center market, like those of the other Las Vegas commercial markets is considered to be good.  The fact that the market for shopping centers has held its own in a time of dramatic downturns is evidence of its strength.            


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