Detrimental Condition


A detrimental condition in real estate appraisals is often defined as, “any situation that could affect the market value of a property, such as a market condition, distress sale, stigma, airport noise, construction defect, geotechnical problem, environmental contamination and natural disaster.” [1]  


Appraisers investigate real properties to determine if one or more detrimental conditions exist.  A condition that has absolutely no effect on market value is not detrimental.


A detrimental condition can be something as small as a loss of building area, due to incorrect measurement, to something as serious as a shifting foundation.  We have had appraisal / litigation / expert witness experience related to detrimental conditions in real estate over the past 20 years.


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[1]  Value of Detrimental Conditions in Real Estate Student Handbook, Randall Bell, MAI, Appraisal Institute, 2000.



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