Jean, Sandy Valley, Searchlight and Cal-Nev-Ari market


There are a number of outlying areas that we service in Clark County include the Jean, Sandy Valley, Searchlight and Cal-Nev-Ari markets.  Many of the Clark County markets and Nye County market are unique small town areas that are heavily influenced by a few sales that do get transacted in their immediate areas.  These areas are generally influences by the metropolitan Las Vegas market.    


Each of the Jean, Sandy Valley, Searchlight and Cal-Nev-Ari markets areas are special because of airports, proximity to Las Vegas, proximity to major roadwas, the Colorado River, or due to other important economic influences.  Appraisers consider the special influences within each area during the appraisal process, and the specific factors affecting the property being appraised.  


The real estate market in all outlying Clark County areas in 2009, are feeling the negative effects of the national and state economic dowturn that started and 2007, and increased in intensity in 2008.  The magnitude of the downward movement in real property has been the focus of our appraisal reports in 2008 and 2009. 



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