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While being far from comprehensive, Clark County supplies Soils Maps (Parcel Map/Soil Guidelines Map/Expansive Soil Guidelines Maps) like the one pictured below via their Clark County Openweb Informapper Internet site at no cost to the public.  A map that displays the entire Las Vegas Metropolitan area (the Clark County Soil Guidelines Map) is also available from the County.  These maps are compiled by the Clark County Building Department based on; a Nevada Bureau of Mines Subsidence Report from June, 1991, USGS and Regional Flood Control District maps.


These color coded maps provide appraisers and the general public with information regarding the types of soils that are prevalent in the Las Vegas area.  "Standard Geotechnical Consideration Areas," or areas with the soils have been described by Clark County as "mixed alluvial sand and gravel" are identified and color-coded in pale yellow while other "Special Geotechnical Consideration Areas" with steep slopes, solubility / clay swell, subsidence and potential drainage areas are identified with in a range of other colors.


Soils, like a number of other features or property characteristics, are an important consideration reviewed by an appraiser preparing an appraisal report on a property.  Properties that have soils with subsidence / seismic fault problems, notable in some parts of the Las Vegas valley, can have a significantly lower value that properties without these problems. 


Properties with obvious visual faults usually require additional study, since they may not be able to support typical building construction.  Studies of this type are usually paid for by the potential developer or owner.  


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