Appraisal Review


Appraisals are often scrutinized by governments, attorney's, lenders and other parties for quality control, auditing and asset security purposes.  Appraisal reviews are generally conducted by qualified appraisers who are familiar with the market, with the report type and with the appraisal process.  A desk reviews or a field reviews can be completed, or some combination of the two types.  


Desk reviews are completed without an inspection of the subject property or the comparable sales.  The desk review is usually limited to the information presented in the report which is check for accuracy, reasonableness and compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).  


Field reviews usually include an inspection of the subject property and an exterior inspection of the comparable sales.  Review appraisers can agree or disagree with any appraisal report that they review.  A review appraiser must assume the role of an appraiser, and not longer act as a review appraiser, if they wish to express their own (contrary) opinion of value.


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