What is an assemblage ?


Assemblage is the joining of two or more parcels of real property into a single ownership interest usually for a joint or common use.


Parcels are often assembled to enhance their combined value, or to attain their highest and best use potential.  Small parcels of real property can be assembled together to create sites that can accommodate medium and large-scale development projects.  Thus, assemblage can enhance development flexibility.  The assemblage of properties can also provide back lot parcels with access / roadway frontage.    


"Plottage Value" is an appraisal term used to describe the value added to the combined property due to its assemblage.  


Appraisers consider as part of the appraisal process whether or not an assemblage of the property being appraised (the subject property) with adjoining sites would provide a higher value and thus be the highest and best use of the property.     

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