Mesquite Real Estate Market


The City of Mesquite is uniquely located at the eastern Nevada - Arizona state boundary line on I-15 Highway which quickly enters the state of Utah (37 miles to St. George) further east.  Mesquite is also located about 75 miles north of Las Vegas, and thus there is only minor influences on the area from Las Vegas.  Influential in the Mesquite area south of the Highway is the Virgin River and its wide but often dry river bed.  


Important to the City of Mesquite and its real estate market are; its Airport, its recently developed hospital, its many master planned housing developments and the developing of commercial real estate (some within the City’s Technology & Commerce Park).  The completion of the towns Wal-Mart store and sites adjoing the I-15 Highway corridor have added significant retail and office space in the market area.  An expanding residential base was noted up until the recession of 2008, which has slowed development significantly.  Automobile dealerships and casino construction were also noted improvements within Mesquite in recent years.


Mesquite is also in close proximity to a number of State and National parks including; Snow Canyon, UT 40 miles, Valley of Fire State Park, NV 45 miles, Zion National Park, UT 80 miles, Bryce Canyon, UT 170 miles, Grand Canyon, UT 180 miles and Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  This close proximity to parks and recreational areas positively influence the Mesquites real estate market.


The City of Mesquite is known for it's golf courses, schools and its small town atmosphere.  Since the town, the surrounding area and the market area itself are relatively small, the town relys heavily on the health of its employment base.  The real estate market, like most others in 2008, is feeling the effects of a sluggish economy.  Mesquite will, however, likely rebound quicker than many other areas given the strrength of its past growth and the positive quality of life considerations noted.  



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