What are Pads / Pad Sites


Is a term generally used to describe the area esclusively used by the building (i.e. the building footprint), a 5,000 square foot 1-story building would usually require a 5,000 square foot pad.  Pads for commercial buildings usually have stubs availabe for all utility services.  Some pads include the concrete foundation already in place.  Some developers talk about a 5,000 square foot pad and assume that you understand that the common areas are also developed for parking and roadways.


A pad site is the term often used to described the pad and property associated with its use.  Since at times the area assoicated with its use is commonly owned appraisers will "allocate" a portion of the site to the pads.  Thus a 45,000 square foot site that has three 5,000 square foot pads will usually have 15,000 square feet of the site allocated to it.    


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