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Land Use Plans are plans developed by the municipality or authorized governmental agencies charged with the general welfare of an area.  Trained land use professionals formulate guidelines in an attempt to control or at least guide future development.  At times, the political process interferes with optimal planning, and changes in the economic landscape of an area may pressure changes to established land use plans.


In metropolitan Las Vegas, several land use plans exist, and the value of a property depends on its current zoning and its planned use as displayed in the appropriate land use plan and its corresponding land use map.


Different land use plans are established in; the City of Las Vegas, the City of Henderson, the City of North Las Vegas, Boulder City and several delineated areas within Clark County.  Thus, Clark County has a number of land use plans that can be viewed at the following site Clark County Comprehensive Planning.


Land use plans are often difficult to interpret.  Small differences in zoning categories, a parcels inclusion within a zoning overlay district or a parcels inclusion within a future land use category often not readily apparent to an owner, can have an important ifluence on use potential and ultimately market value.  As an example, City of Las Vegas "TC" or Town Center zoning can have a sub-category of general commercial or service commercial.  An automotive use, for example, is not possible in a service commercial area.  Appraisers must consider this type of nuance when differences between a subject property and comparable sale are analyzed.  


Appraisers consider a property's current use, its zoning, zoning overlays, planned land use and any tentatively approved use (In Clark County tentatively approved uses are noted in Resolutions of Intent (ROIs)).  In the Highest and Best Use analysis of an appraisal report, an analysis used in every appraisal report, appraisers consider whether or not it is "reasonably probable" that zoning can be changed to accommodate a more intensive use.   


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