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Units are usually described as condominiums, timeshares, apartments, hotel / motel rooms or other individualized building areas or land parcels.  

Use / Permitted Use


Uses are development types or categories like; industrial warehouse, retail or office.  The use of a property is generally its current development type, its permitted use is the use or uses that are allowed by it zoning.  

Use Potential


Due to location, zoning orother factors a property has the potential for one or more uses.  Thus, regardless of its current use, a property could have the potential for an entirely different use which may or may not be benefical.

Uniform Standards of Profession Appraisal Practice


The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) provides professional appraisers with rules and guidelines for their appraisal practice.  USPAP has been adopted and endorsed by all of the major U.S. appraisal organizations.  Federal law requires states, as part of their real estate appraiser certification and licensing programs, to use USPAP.



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