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Is the acquisition of a portion or a property or the property in its entirety.  Generally takings or acquistions are prompted by an Eminent Domain action.

Tax Assessment


In Las Vegas, tax assessment are 35% of the "taxable value" as determined by the Clark County Assessor.  The "taxable value" is supposed to be close to the market value, however it often it not.

Title / Title Insurance


When an individual or an entity gains an ownership interest in real property conveyed via a valid deed they usually have acquired "title."  The interest acquired may be limited, restricted, encumbered or partial in nature.  

Term of Sale


The terms of sale include the purchase price, downpayment amount / earnest money deposit, interest rate, length of payment or a discussion of how the balance of the transaction will be paid.  Provisions of a sales agreement, some of which may stay in force beyond closing, are also considered to be terms of sale.



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