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Salvage Value


The value of asset when it reaches the end of it useful life.

Scope of Work


As noted by USPAP, "For each appraisal, appraisal review, and appraisal consulting assignment an appraiser must: Identify the problem to be solved; Determine and perform the scope of work necessary to develop credible assignment results and; disclose the scope of work in the report."  Appraisers consider what  needs to be completed to solve an appraisal problem, and that becomes their scope of work.

Sign / Billboard Value


The ownership or leasing of outdoor advertising signs (Billboards) generally contribute the the market value of real property.

Special Purpose Property


Properties with specialized building improvements located on them like; a church, fitness center, bowling alley or bank that cannot be easily converted to an anternate use and that have a very limited market for them.

Soils Report


A report that describes the soil types and underlying structural integrity of a site with regard to its usability for development purposes.  The existence of; clay, steep topography, fissures and other physical characteristics are usually described in a soils report.





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