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A gable roof is an inverted V style roof.



Gambrel style roofs are often noted as barn roofs, they are steep at the end, but much less steep toward the center.


General Warranty Deed

A deed that covenants that a grantor will protect the grantee in the event of a claim that there is a defective title to a property.


Government Lot

Irregularly shaped Quarter sections of land, typically caused to be irregular due to natural objects like bodies of water, are described as Government Lots.


Government Survey

A system of land survey that has a rectangular basis that divides districts into 24 square mile segments from a Meridian (North-South) and a Baseline (East-West), and these segments are further divided into 6 square mile Townships. Townships are similarly divided into 36 parcels nearly 1 square mile in size called Sections.



The Government National Mortgage Association is a outgrowth of the FNMA. The organization was designed to assist in the management and liquidation of the original FNMA.



The elevation of a property.  



The person to whom real estate is transferred or conveyed.



The person who transfer (conveys) real estate.


Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)

A market derived figure that can provide a general indication of value when multiplied by gross rental income. A "GRM" figure is usually arrived at by an appraiser by dividing the sales price of a number of similar or comparable sales by their rental income, and then reconciling the figures.


Ground Lease

Synonymous with a land lease, a ground lease is a lease on vacant land only. This type of lease is often given by corporations, estates and individuals who expect to benefit from the land over the long term. A sales/lease analysis is used to forecast the benefit of holding a parcel of land versus selling it outright. Properties with exceptional locations, where their highest and best use may improve over time, are often held by farsighted owners.




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