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Balance is generally described as the principal that value is created / sustained when opposing elements are in a state of equilibrium.


The formal filing for protection or liquidation under the federal bankruptcy laws that can result from the 

default on a note or other financial obligation.

Bankruptcy Appraisal

An appraisal usually prepared for the bankruptcy court that provides a market value opinion upon which

the judge makes liquidity decisions.  Parties in default and lenders at times dispute the value of assets, 

and appraisals may be prepared by different appraisers for each side.

Bridge Loan

A loan used to "bridge" the period of time between the closing of one home and the purchase of another. This type of loan is short-term in nature and often provides that a cash short buyer make interest only payments during the bridge period.

Budget Mortgage

A budget mortgage wraps principal, interest, property taxes, and insurance (home insurance, mortgage insurance, PMI, etc.) into a single monthly payment. Borrowers are relieved of having to make large single premium insurance and tax payments and lenders are relieved of having to deal with defaulted properties with large back tax bills and uninsured property losses.

Business Brokerage

Business brokerage is a specialized field that often does not include the sale of real estate. Business sales are often made with seller financing and some are made with no bank involvement.

Business Appraisal / Business Valuation

Business valuation, while similar in some respects to real estate valuation, is an entirely different field of expertise. Business valuations involve an understanding of specific industry trends, financial statements, the market supply and demand for businesses in an area and business management techniques.


The principal party who purchases real property in a transaction.

Buyer Brokerage

A non-traditional method of purchasing real estate whereby a real estate agent is employed to represent a buyer. The concept of having an agent represent the buyer is relatively new to residential real estate, and buyers should expect a long period of adjustment by agents and sellers to this new way of doing business. Buyers do, however, benefit from having their own representation.


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