Investment Value


Investment value is similar in many ways to "use value."  It is typically defined as the value of an investment to an individual or specific investor based on his or her investment requirements or investment criteria.  The, investment value may bear no relationship to market value, which depends on supply and demand in the market.


Investment value is often defined as the highest price an investor would pay for a property based on the investor's pre-conceived investment requirements.  Thus, the investment value of a parcel of real property to one investor may be different from the investment value of the same parcel to another investor.


Appraisals that seek investment value are relatively rare (not often requested) since the subjective nature of reports of this type is not useful for mortgage lending or private lending purposes.  Lenders want to know the market perception of value (as analyzed and concluded in a market value appraisal), not the subjective investment value opinion that is based on the requirements imposed by a single investor.           


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